Intelligent Parking Solutions
Yeefung offers full range of parking solutions suitable for different parking needs. Our parking solutions include semi-automated, automated and revolutionary AGV robotic parking.
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Global Reach
With more than 300,000 parking spaces in use worldwide, Yeefung is building a fast-expanding global network to bring efficient, reliable and sustainable parking solutions to new customers around the world.
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Hello, GETA!
Developed by Yeefung, GETA is the next generation AGV parking solution.
Utilizing laser navigation technology, GETA AGV can achieve a desired positioning accuracy of ±5mm while maintaining its speed up to 1.5m/s.
Yeefung is committed to our customers and to carrying out our work to the highest standards. We continue to improve product quality by adopting advanced manufacturing processes and philosophies including robotic manufacturing and Lean Production.


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